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The Power of Light Coaching Programme is designed to assist you in adopting a whole foods,mainly plant-based diet and holistic lifestyle practices in a fun,personalised and step-by-step way.

Perhaps you have just completed the Nurtured By Nature 7-day Cleanse,feel like a million dollars and are now fired to keep your body feeling light and vibrant!

Alternatively you have already taken steps towards a healthier lifestyle but could do with some advice on how to implement whole foods and other healthy habits into your world.

Eating the Whole Foods way can seem a bit overwhelming at first.There are so many products on the market.What exactly are they and how are they prepared?Which ones are beneficial to me personally and how will I introduce them to my family without causing a revolution?

And then of course the big question – is this Lifestyle going to break the bank?

I understand all these concerns as I was once there myself (and many of my clients!) but I can assure you that in a year’s time you will be surprised at how simple,rewarding and affordable this way of eating and living actually is – just like Mother Nature intended!

You have invested in your health by ridding your body of excess toxins and committing to a healthier lifestyle.I am there to help you to maintain these changes and to assist you in taking your transformation to an even higher level.



When you subscribe to The Power of Light Coaching Programme you will benefit from the following:

  • A step-by-step Guide to incorporate whole foods,natural body care practices and other holistic health-care practices into your daily life.You decide how fast or slow you want to go.You can turn the whole thing around in three months or slowly introduce lasting changes over the period of about twelve months.

  • Access to a closed facebook group where subscribers can share their experiences,ask questions,exchange ideas,tips,recipes,etc.

  • This will also serve as a private coaching platform where you will be able to receive personalised,private  coaching for you and members of your family.

  • I will also be available via email for personalised Q&A.

  • All charts with recipes,shopping lists,and tips and information about running a Whole Foods household.

  • Special offers and discounts on all offerings on the Nurtured By Nature websiteDetox Programmes,Therapies,workshops,etc.

  • Super affordable prices on products in our online shop.

This is a service to our subscribers and the objective is to get subscribers rather than huge profit from products.We want to promote a healthy lifestyle to as many people as possible and will thus pass the benefit of bulk buying and constant research on to our subscribers!

Please compare the prices in our online shop to even the lowest available from retailers.As a Power of Light subscriber you will be receiving these products at even lower prices!

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