Specialised Packages:

1. Body sculpting Package: (Targets cellulite and water retention problems.)

2 x Manual Lymph Drainage Treatments

3 x Detox Body wraps (With super detox Zeolite clay.)



2. Digestive Health Package: (Gently stimulates the elimination of compacted colonic waste and flushes out accumulated toxins.)

2 x Manual Lymph Drainage

3 x Manual Colonic Cleanse




3.Immune System Booster: (Great for boosting your health at any time or for those who are prone to minor infections, inflammation and periods of fatique.)

2 x Manual Lymph Drainage

3 x Advanced Reflexology



ADVANCED REFLEXOLOGY:  60-90 minutes   R650

The entire nervous system converges at the bottom of the feet. The body, with all it's systems and organs is reflected in the feet. I use reflexology to stimulate the organs so that they can either re-balance or send messages to the brain via the nervous system if healing is required. Reflexology is done at the same time as your consultation in order to assess general health, identify possible problem areas and determine which treatments and supplements will be appropriate.


MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage - Vodder method): 120 minutes  R750

The lymphatic system is the body's “rubbish dump”. Although this system covers the entire surface of the body - similar to but bigger than the circulatory system - it does not have a pumping mechanism like the heart and relies on movement in order to function optimally! Because of our mostly inactive lifestyles the lymph becomes stagnant and toxic waste builds up.

This gentle and deeply restorative and rejuvenating massage speeds up the drainage of lymphatic fluid by about 40 times, resulting in (amongst many other benefits) a healthier immune system and an improved appearance in terms of retained fluids and cellulite.


This therapy is not to be confused with Colonic Irrigation. It involves a non-invasive massage of the abdominal area, designed to manually stimulate movement of compacted colonic waste.

The treatment is done in combination with a detox clay wrap combined with hot stones around the abdominal area and a reflexology treatment, specifically targeting the digestive system.


DETOX BODY WRAP : 60 minutes R650

DETOX BODY WRAP WITH MLD AND REFLEXOLOGY (Ideal as a monthly Optimal Health Maintenance booster): 120 minutes  R950

This treatment is done by first brushing the skin to speed up circulation and to start the detoxification process.

The entire body is then covered and wrapped in Zeolite clay,infused with detoxifying essential oils.

While the clay is doing it's wonders,Reflexology is done on the feet, targeting the digestive, endocrine and lymphatic systems. The treatment is concluded with a shortened version of Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Zeolite clay is a very powerful detoxifier and can even draw out heavy metals through the skin.It is not uncommon to notice a loss in centimeters after a single treatment and this is often permanent as it does not merely comprise fluid loss.

Lifestyle and nutrition assessment with advanced Reflexology: 2 hours R850

Aromatherapy massage: 90 minutes R750

Swedish Massage : 90 minutes R700



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